Welcome to Osman's Market


Our stand in the heart of London.

We aim to keep it simple and pure, so that we can give you the best juices at low prices.


We will serve our juices in eco-friendly wooden cups to ensure we’re on the same team as the planet!


Delicious, freshly pressed juices to give you energy and vitality

We bring quality sun ripened oranges, mangoes, guava, pomegranate and more direct from across Africa and Asia to make fresh and original juices, right in the centre of London!

No middle men! We import the fruits straight from Africa and Asia to ensure we can give you juices pressed from the best fruits and vegetables!

My Customers:

100% would purchase again!

4.88/5 juice healthiness!


Fresh, delicious juices for you and your business

Pomegranate Power


Mango Tango

Orange + Tango + Ginger 

Egyptian Lemonade

Egyptian Lemons + Water + Honey 

The BFF - Big Fruity Flavour

Mix of 3 

Sugarcane Heaven


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An entrepreneurial refugee with a drive for success.

I am currently a refugee here in London, working with various organisations, supporting me to launch my business!

I have worked and in import and export for the last 15 years, in Egypt and different countries in Europe and Africa.

I want to give back to the UK, which have given me so much support in the last couple of years.

All homeless people are given a free juice per day!